Two Cent Revival

Two Cent Revival

Brooklyn's Two Cent Revival, a project helmed by Brazilian-born, Texas-raised singer/songwriter Matt Jones, is an Americana / Folk-rock band that marries vivid and intimate lyrics with the soulful sounds of blues-tinged guitar, organs, and a powerful bass and drums.

Driven by Jones' brooding baritone vocals, calling to mind Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, and Matt Berninger of The National, the songs hint at wooden barrooms and dusty churches, walking the line between failure and redemption.

Two Cent Revival has played to packed-houses in many of the great rooms of New York City and Brooklyn, including Brooklyn Bowl, The Living Room, Rockwood Music Hall, and the American Folk Art Museum, and has toured locally, as well as regionally to New Jersey, Texas, and Arizona.

Matt Jones has received numerous songwriting accolades, most recently from the International Songwriting Competition, where his song "Violin" has been named a semi-finalist in the Blues category, in contention to be a finalist.

He has also received awards from The U.K. Songwriting Competition in 2012 (Finalist), the We Are Listening Singer-Songwriter Awards in 2012 (Finalist), the West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest in 2012 (Honorable Mention), and the 5th Annual Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition in 2008 (Semi-Finalist).

Two Cent Revival has just finished mixing and mastering its first full length record, and is planning to release the album, as well as pursue various licensing opportunities, in 2013.

Recorded and mixed entirely in analog in Brooklyn, New York, the eleven song album expands on the Americana / Folk-rock sound of its last release, "The Devil's In This Whiskey," delving into much bolder musical and lyrical territory.