"Two-Cent Revival is helmed by one Matt Jones, a Texas-bred, New York City-residing singer-songwriter. His trump card is a miles-deep baritone that immediately calls Mark Lanegan to mind, albeit a friendlier, less blatantly homicidal version. The title track off his band’s recent EP is pretty standard variation on the textbook, woe-is-me drinking story common to his chosen genre, but it’s exceedingly well constructed, with a deft key change signaling a chorus that will lodge in your head for days. Jones’ backing band revels in warm production values that place a premium on instrument separation, and the result is a classic-sounding, non-cloying country song among the most pleasant I’ve heard this year."

David Goldstein,


"The Brooklyn-based down home country folk act brings a rock edge to this brand new EP of smartly crafted tunes."



"The songs on The Devil's In This Whiskey are well crafted Americana/ country hybrids, but it is the personal story-telling style and pure charisma of Matt Jones that gives Two Cent Revival its wings...Two Cent Revival is going to make a lot of new fans with songs like these."

Wildy's World


"Two Cent Revival provides a soundscape that’s immediately more gripping than earlier efforts...deep, memorable, emotional, and most of all mature songs that evoke the best and sturdiest of classic rock."

Jimmy M,


"Calling all Johnny Cash fans! He's been somewhat reincarnated in the form of Two Cent Revival, who will release his debut EP The Devil's In This Whiskey on June 15th. TCR has an amazing baritone voice -- think a young, hip Johnny Cash -- and he just dropped his debut single of the same name. I took a listen and yeah, he definitely has the same stylings as the legendary Johnny Cash."

Amy Sciarretto,


"Two Cent Revival perform with an energy that is seldom witnessed with an acoustic guitar as the lead instrument. The primary catalyst is Jones himself, whose rich, deep voice projects every note, ensuring all within ear shot receive a proper introduction to his lovingly crafted songs. Don’t miss his live show!"

Dan D'Ippolito,


"Matt Jones is a singer-songwriter with a lot going for him: his stage presence, his interesting, original songs, and especially his phrasing. He is a great storyteller."

Jimmy Norman, co-writer of "Time is on my side"