Press for "Demons" LP, 2021

"Two Cent Revival is a fresh approach to Americana. It’s not only an homage to pioneering old-school country and blues, but it also bursts with inspiration from jazz, bluegrass, garage rock, rockabilly, and indie-pop." - BTR Today

"Stunning...needs to be heard amongst the burgeoning folk movement." - Glide Magazine

"Travels the dusty road between the almost-spoken storytelling of the desert-noir verses and the soaring, anthemic choruses... lyrics that have the feel of a new southwestern myth, imbued with a sort of desert magic." - Americana UK

"In a more laid-back setting 'Happy Hell' and the more forceful 'It Looks Like Blood' makes the Nick Cave comparisons more apparent with its Biblical connotations and the dualism of light and dark." - Lonesome Highway

General press:

"Matt Jones' smooth vocals complement his guitar." - Time Out New York

 "Matt Jones is a singer-songwriter with a lot going for him: his stage presence, his interesting, original songs, and especially his phrasing. He is a great storyteller."  
-Jimmy Norman, co-writer of "Time is on my side"

Press for "Devil's in This Whiskey" EP, 2011

"The Brooklyn-based down home country folk act brings a rock edge to this brand new EP of smartly crafted tunes."  -AOL.Music

"Two Cent Revival gives us something that’s sorely lacking in the musicians coming out of Brooklyn – deep, memorable, emotional, and most of all mature songs that evoke the best and sturdiest of classic rock." - No Depression

"Two-Cent Revival is helmed by one Matt Jones, a Texas-bred, New York City-residing singer-songwriter. His trump card is a miles-deep baritone that immediately calls Mark Lanegan to mind, albeit a friendlier, less blatantly homicidal version...Jones’ backing band revels in warm production values that place a premium on instrument separation, and the result is a classic-sounding, non-cloying country song among the most pleasant I’ve heard this year." -Cokemachineglow 

 "With driving electric guitar and vintage acoustic guitar sounds, 'The Devil’s in This Whiskey' was heavily influenced by Jones’ longing for his southern and southwestern roots...Jones’ predilection to the sights, sounds and details of home, evident only after his move to New York, has transformed him into an exceptional songwriter." -That Nashville Sound

"With a mature writing style born of the desolate honesty of Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt, Jones spins tales of emotional darkness and redemption...The songs on 'The Devil's In This Whiskey' are well crafted Americana/country hybrids, but it is the personal story-telling style and pure charisma of Matt Jones that gives Two Cent Revival its wings." - Wildy's World