Press for "Devil's In This Whiskey" EP, 2011

"With driving electric guitar and vintage acoustic guitar sounds, 'The Devil’s in This Whiskey' was heavily influenced by Jones’ longing for his southern and southwestern roots. 'I used to live on the bayou in Texas, where we’d drink cheap beer barefoot and hang out from late afternoon until well past sunset. I distinctly remember the smell of freshly cut grass and the whine of the mosquitoes in the summer,' he said. 'Living in New York makes me realize how much I’m partial to the vibe of Texas and Tucson,' he said. “I wanted to get out of it, but now I yearn to be back there.' Jones’ predilection to the sights, sounds and details of home, evident only after his move to New York, has transformed him into an exceptional songwriter."

-read full review here: That Nashville Sound, March 2011

"I was was able to interview Matt Jones, lead singer and songwriter of the Americana / roots-rock band Two Cent Revival, a couple years back. He’s a nice guy – earnest about his music, amiable, a little bit dorky when you ‘re discussing other subjects. I remember thinking at the time that I could have envisioned myself playing piano or video games with him. It always comes as somewhat of a surprise, then, when you hear his voice: a deep, hard baritone that feels like it would be most at home in a Johnny Cash or Neil Diamond recording.  Jones’ new project, Two Cent Revival, features a grittier sound than his earlier releases, and for the most part it’s for the better. I’ve often felt that there needed to be drive with his previous acoustic sets; Two Cent revival provides a soundscape that’s immediately more gripping than earlier efforts...Two Cent Revival gives us something that’s sorely lacking in the musicians coming out of Brooklyn – deep, memorable, emotional, and most of all mature songs that evoke the best and sturdiest of classic rock, rather than the most twee of the indie scene. There are more than a few places in 'The Devil’s In This Whiskey' where I found myself thinking, 'this is the indie scene when it decides to grow a pair.' I look forward to their next effort, if only because an LP promises us twice as much music." 
-read full review here: James McNally, No Depression via Audiocred, April 3, 2011

"Brazilian-born, Texas-raised singer/songwriter Matt Jones found love for his Texas roots only after making the move to New York City.  The emotional resonance of being so far from home plays through Two Cent Revival's new EP, 'The Devil's In This Whiskey,' available June 15, 2011.  With a mature writing style born of the desolate honesty of Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt, Jones spins tales of emotional darkness and redemption, and the constant pull of both forces on the soul...'The Devil's In This Whiskey' opens with 'Rear View Mirror,' a catchy, mid-tempo Americana blend about running away from a past the narrator can't escape. This anthem of a tortured soul comes with recognition of the trap and in ability to stop running. Jones sounds a great deal like Paul Gross on vocals, with a steady baritone born of country grit and a touch of folk/rock seer. 'The Devil's In This Whiskey' is a brilliant tune about losing control to the bottle, in spite of having every reason not to.  He's gone to the well one too many times and spoiled the one relationship with any hope of keeping him sane. Jones begs for mercy, expecting none, in the beginning of a spiral of competing needs.  It's an impressively compelling story-song with many layers...'Save Our Souls' starts out as a plaintive country/rock ballad, but turns into a Doors-esque epic rocker.  Full of urgency and desperation, this tremendous piece of songwriting shows its progressive rock roots as things swing further and further out of balance...The songs on 'The Devil's In This Whiskey' are well crafted Americana/country hybrids, but it is the personal story-telling style and pure charisma of Matt Jones that gives Two Cent Revival their wings.  Jones would be equally as compelling alone on stage with a guitar as he is in front of a band, but the full band flavor of the recordings certainly gives additional oomph to Jones' tales of imperfection, pathos and hope.  Two Cent Revival is going to make a lot of new fans with songs like this." 
-read full review here: Wildy's World blog, June 9, 2011

"Calling all Johnny Cash fans! He's been somewhat reincarnated in the form of Two Cent Revival, who will release his debut EP The Devil's in This Whiskey on June 15th. TCT has an amazing baritone voice -- think a young, hip Johnny Cash-- and he just dropped his debut single of the same name. I took a listen and yeah, he definitely has the same stylings as the legendary Johnny Cash." 
-read full review here: Amy Sciarretto, ARTIST Direct, April 4, 2011

"Two-Cent Revival is helmed by one Matt Jones, a Texas-bred, New York City-residing singer-songwriter. His trump card is a miles-deep baritone that immediately calls Mark Lanegan to mind, albeit a friendlier, less blatantly homicidal version. The title track off his band’s recent EP is pretty standard variation on the textbook, woe-is-me drinking story common to his chosen genre, but it’s exceedingly well constructed, with a deft key change signaling a chorus that will lodge in your head for days. Jones’ backing band revels in warm production values that place a premium on instrument separation, and the result is a classic-sounding, non-cloying country song among the most pleasant I’ve heard this year."  
-David Goldstein, former music writer with cokemachineglow 

"The Brooklyn-based down home country folk act brings a rock edge to this brand new EP of smartly crafted tunes."  

"In an era where the standard that has made up the music industry is being shattered and re-molded, Jones seems to have forged a sturdy path within the independent spectrum. An earnest supporter of the local music scene, he lights up when asked whom he admires listing off a mountain of names...Jones exudes a controlled confidence and charm, he gives off an affability that makes you feel like you have known him for years. Raised in Texas by his adoptive parents, Jones is open about his connection to his Brazilian heritage--and his obsession with Bob Dylan. I sat down with Jones at Think Coffee just off Washington Square, the site of his upcoming show this Friday..."
-Kristin Abele,, September 2009, full interview here

"Two Cent Revival now has his debut EP 'The Devil’s In This Whiskey' out for the world to hear! Also known as Matt Jones, the singer/songwriter has released 5 tracks that can be heard on AOL Music at this time. 'Rear View Mirror,' 'The Devil’s In This Whiskey,' 'Give Me More Time,' 'Save Our Souls,' and 'Back In The Day' all show off his deep baritone voice. His songs tell his story, even the ones that aren’t happy and upbeat. 'Back In The Day' is a catchy tune that describes a love that didn’t survive, but was well worth it. Reminiscing of the times that still replay in his mind and seeing his mistakes… I can dig it!" 
-Hayleigh T., Country Music News Blog, June 16, 2011

"Two Cent Revival play the kind of sturdy, mature classic rock that many attempt and few succeed. They do, 'Save Our Souls' is a great story and a cracking tune – bar-room rock’n’roll to treasure." 
-The Mad Mackerel Blog, June 17, 2011

Press for "Butter and Rum" EP, 2008

" 'Butter & Rum' is an EP featuring four songs by Matt Jones, born in Brazil but raised in Texas, who is now predominantly active in the New York club circuit. The international press compares him with artists such as Wilco, La Montagne, Nick Drake, Townes Van Zandt, Van Morrison, Bill Withers and Bob Dylan, but I would not go that far, four songs are not enough to base that upon. Matt started learning the violin and the piano at the age of seven, but it was not until he heard Hendrix's 'All Along the The Watchtower' at the age of sixteen that he decided to take up the guitar. In 2004, he started studying jazz, mainly on the violin, but this is not reflected on this CD. The four short songs are rooted in the folk and singer/songwriter tradition; the straightforward accompaniment consists of acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, piano, bass and drums. 'Will You Run,' is a captivating song, while 'Lie Here Beside Me' shows Matt's talent as a storyteller. In 'Not Even In Dreams' and 'Dancing in the Moonlight,' it is the distinctive phrasing that stands out. In fact, this is the main feature that sets him apart from other singer/songwriters. Of course, one EP consisting of four rather short songs cannot provide a very clear picture of someone's abilities. One of the advantages of reviewing such a short CD is that while writing, I had the opportunity to hear it four times in a row and I like it more every time I hear it. It's one of those records that 'grows' on you. The more you hear it, the more you love it.", March 2008